Staff Augmentation

Leverage our IT staff augmentation services to increase your productivity.

We aim to provide on-demand access to a vast pool of subject matter experts for your innumerable IT project requirements and extend the in-house development team. This eliminates the administrative complications of the long-lasting hiring process, expedites the release of your digital product launch, and enables high-impact returns.

Our Experts

We currently have a team of experts for the following roles:

  • Full Stack Developers
  • Backend Developers
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Frontend Developers
  • UI / UX Engineers
  • QA Engineers
  • Mobile App Developers

Staff Augmentation Benefits

To be able to catch up with the ever-growing demand for technology, many businesses turn to flexible staff augmentation services. This is the process of hiring additional experts to work with the existing in-house team on specific parts of a company’s technology infrastructure.

Augmenting your IT staff can come with a variety of benefits, including increased efficiency, cost savings, and more. This article will explore what IT staff augmentation is, the different types of staff augmentation services you can hire, and the benefits you can expect.

  1. Build a new team - Turn your ideas into reality by building your new team of seasoned IT professionals of your choice and the way your project needs. We have a diverse range of specialists and team members available to work with you on a contract or hourly basis.
  2. Add IT talent to existing team - Include our seasoned IT individuals in your team to cover the IT talent gaps and perform certain tasks of your software development lifecycle. Give your ongoing project a differentiated boost by utilizing the technical competencies of our experts.
  3. Skill-based hiring - Hire diverse talent based on your project scope and technical requirements. Determine what you want to accomplish with an extended workforce. Assess where your project is short of key skills and hire dedicated developers who possess holistic skill sets that drive faster project outcomes.
  4. Remote hiring - We have a wide range of global talent pools with strong technical skills, industry experience, and certifications that align perfectly with your company culture and project objectives. Count on us for remote developers and staffing needs and get your work done virtually by our tech talent.
  5. Vendor transition - Switch your project from an existing IT service provider with the help of our experts competent in vendor-to-vendor transitions while minimizing risks. Our team at Captivate has vast experience in making the transition organized, secure, and smooth using better methodologies.

Mobile Application Development Services

iOS Development Services

Includes UI/UX design, development, implementation, and integration of apps for iPhones & iPads. We offer all the skills you need to create your iOS mobile application.

Android Development Services

We deliver the best android applications to all businesses. Furthermore, we offer leading android app development services that provide the best android apps to enterprises & startups in different industries.

Cross-Platform/Hybrid App Development

We develop cost-effective hybrid and cross-platform mobile apps compatible with all platforms that reach a larger audience in no time. We offer hybrid app development services using the latest platform and technologies.

Mobile Application Development Frameworks

Tech stack for mobile app development depends on various factors, such as the type of app, the platform (iOS, Android, or both), the features, functionality, budget and resources. Some tech stacks for mobile app development are:

iOS Development - Swift, XCode and iOS SDK
Android Development - Java, Android Studio and Kotlin
Cross App Development - Flutter, React Native and Xamarin
Hybrid App Development - Cordova, PhoneGap and Ionic

Popular Staff Augmentation Scenarios

No HR obligations

Hiring a whole development team.

Maintain a level of control

Hiring developers but keeping the project-management in-house.

Lower risk

Hiring all of our resources to deliver a project from end to end.

Flex up or down

Hiring Business Analysts to scope out a project to be developed in-house.

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