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Albany Creative is a comprehensive arts public relations and marketing firm that collaborates with public and private galleries, art organisations, creative individuals, nonprofit organisations, and high-end brands. Founded in 2015, Albany Creative has achieved remarkable results through its dynamic campaigns for esteemed clientele.


Albany Arts had a high-profile client who possessed 14 Banksy murals. The collector wanted to raise awareness of the paintings and lower the barrier to entry for art collections and enthusiasts alike the opportunity to experience fine art ownership.


Captivate Solutions developed a solution using blockchain technology where the physical asset will be tokenised and broken into small individual tokens. The concept is akin to holding shares within an organisation. The solution effectively lowered the barrier of art ownership, where for a couple of hundred pounds, you could own a share of an original Banksy and participate in the appreciation of the assets over time.

Scope of Work Delivered

  • Smart Contract Asset Tokenisation
  • Presale Whitelist
  • Frontend Website for Minting
  • Owners withdrawals

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